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All About The 70’s Fashion for Women and How to Get the Exact Style

1970s is like the most revisited decade as far as fashion is concerned. The uniqueness and freedom of the era constantly draws the attention of designers and fashion enthusiasts from around the globe. In fact, till date it has never failed on influencing the modern fashion world.

Right from the hippy and glam rock to bohemian and disco, the decade of 1970s encapsulated plenty of iconic styles which are considered wearable even today. However, you certainly have to know how to rework those trends to fit them perfectly in your current wardrobe.

Fashion trends of the 1970s

Fashion trends of this particular decade covered several styles and genres. The designers back then were super creative about expressing their thoughts via fashion, and as a result the decade saw the birth of several fashion trends which influence the fashion industry till date. Some of the most recognizable trends which are widely used as 70’s costumes in Halloween parties are:

  • Disco and hippy
  • Boho-chic
  • Punk and glam rock
  • Folk and ethnic
  • Safari and military
  • Sporty-chic

Along with the fashion trends, the small key items and details of the decade are also given due importance. Some of these details includes use of earthy tones, suede, high-waisted trousers, bell-bottom pants with fringing, etc.


Just like the fashion trends, the hairstyles of the decade were also pretty diverse and unique. On one hand, bohemian babes opted for natural look, while disco divas were known for shaggy cuts. Hippies rocked with a center part and flowing waves.


New makeup styles were also introduced throughout the decade. First came the natural makeup look which was adopted by bohemians and hippies. No bold and colorful makeup was used in this style and more concentration was laid on enhancing one’s natural beauty.

Next came in the disco makeup. This one was clearly the opposite of the natural makeup style. It had a new approach to beauty, as it used bright and bold colors with shimmers. Orange lips, and bold eye shadow colors, mostly blue or green, were used to complete the look.

Similarly, the glam rock makeup also used bold shades, but it was more theatrical compared to the disco look.

70’s Halloween outfit ideas

If you are planning to create 70’s costumes for this Halloween, be rest assured you are going to super enjoy it. The decade has something for everyone. You just have to focus and pick the style which suits your personal taste. Nevertheless, don’t simply copy an entire look, it will look outdated after all. However, take the basic idea of the fashion trends of the decade and work on it to match it with the current wardrobe trends. Here are a few things you must follow to create a perfect 70’s Halloween costume…

  • Try to find and follow a trend which suits your personal style.
  • Concentrate on the details and key styles of the era and create a modern interpretation of the 70’s fashion.
  • For traditional looks, checkout bohemian, hippy, disco, and folk fashion trends of the decade.
  • For stronger styles, try sports-chic, embrace glam rock, and safari looks.
  • Do your hairstyle and makeup to suit your outfit.

That was easy, wasn’t it? If so far you have never considered a 70’s outfit for a Halloween costume, now is the time to try it.

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All About The 70’s Fashion for Women and How to Get the Exact Style

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