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Best Watches For Males This Festive Season by Titan

With regards to presents for males, you cannot possibly fail with watches. Men like to flaunt watches on their own wrist. This festive season, if you’re planning to gift something to some man, don’t believe way too hard but simply purchase a good watch.

Here’s our pick of the top five best watches for males this festive season. Search through our list and pick your favorites for family.

This Black Steel watch is one thing that the modern, youthful man would certainly love to increase his assortment of timepieces. The sunray finish black dial offers Arabic marking and chronographs with date. This suave watch in the Crimson Collection can also be on the internet for purchase here:


This watch with crimson leather strap is one thing that many men can flaunt with absolute panache. The initial colour of the strap increases the charm of the classic timepiece for males. Like the majority of watches within the Crimson Collection, this watch also offers the Arabic markings around the dial and also the chronographs.

You can purchase this watch online here:

This classic watch with steel strap is certainly something which will suit youthful and old men alike. Besides, the dial includes a unique brown color and it is outfitted with chronographs with date too. You can purchase this silver watch in the Crimson collection online here:

This watch in the Titan Crimson Collection includes a very unique mixture of Brown and black – two colors that men can’t forget about. The black dial has chronographs to amplify its efficiency and perfect visual appearance. Despite getting brown leather straps, this watch can resist water as much as 5 Atm. You can purchase this watch online here:

This touchscreen smartwatch by Titan is the perfect option for men that will always be on the run. This watch is outfitted with essential smart functions like Fitness Tracker, Notifications, Camera Controller and just what not! This festive season, this is probably the most perfect gift option for your loved one global nomads.

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