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How to Buy the Quality Muay Thai T-Shirts?

People around Thailand who train Muay Thai are proud to wear Muay Thai T-shirts and show their love on their sleeves. Whether it is in the gym or outside the gym, Muay Thai Pattern T-shirt [เสื้อ ลาย ไทย, which are the term in Thai] never fails to depict the elements of the Martial Arts. While nothing shows love like a t-shirt printed with the quote- I love Muay Thai. There are lots of other styles that you should try when finding for the Muay Thai T-shirt. There are many MMA brands that produce high-quality Muay Thai T-shirts to proudly show off your love for Muay Thai.

Most of the people wear sports tee or singlet while training and finding the quality T-shirt for your training can be a bit difficult when you have a wide range of options online. When finding for the quality Muay Thai Shirt, the first thing you should consider is whether you want to go with cotton or Dry-Fit.

– Cotton or Dry-fit

Cotton is boon for the hot weather as it absorbs the maximum of your body sweat, and also it is comfortable and soft to wear. It is a breathable fabric, and you want to wear a Muay Thai Shirt as casual wear then you can go with the Cotton material. But cotton can weigh down your garment as it absorbs, so choosing a Dry-fit can be a better option for the trainers. Dry-fit is the polyester or a mix of polyester and cotton that is absolutely durable and lightweight with quick wicking and drying. If you are searching for the quality training shirt, and choose a dry-fit material for your intense training.

– Anti-Bacterial

Muay Thai training is an intense training so you will sweat a lot, so it best to buy an Anti-bacterial t-shirt that avoids unpleasant odor.

– Compression Wear

Compression wear is made up of polyester-spandex mixture and is breathable and also dry quickly. The benefit of choosing the spandex is it provides maximum comfort with freedom of arm movements. Also, compression wear reduces the risk of acute muscle injury and also improves blood circulation.

These are a few things that any quality training t-shirt should have, and it will help choose the right training shirt for you.

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