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Just Got Engaged? How Soon Should You Plan Your Wedding

Whether you’re the one who proposed or you were just proposed to (and said yes), you need to start looking into your wedding plans. When is it going to be? Where are you going to do it? Do you already have a guest list draft? What kinds of food will you ask the catering in Fairfax to cook?

First, you have to take a breather and slow down. It’s not required that you think about the wedding right away. Enjoy the days, months, or even years that you have as an engaged couple. Below are some tips on how soon you should think about planning your wedding.

You Are Expecting a Child

There are engagements that just happen to have been during the conception of a baby. In-laws who may lead a little more to the old school side of doing things will definitely suggest for a wedding before the child gets born. Some may even push for it before the baby bump is visible.

Some things on the legal and civil side are going to be less complicated when a baby is born after the wedding. If you are looking to save yourself the headaches from these, then you should start planning for your wedding as soon as possible.

You Already Have a Place In Mind

Depending on when and where you are thinking of holding the wedding, it may not be as easy to book the venues appropriate for this magical event. Identifying what things need to be ironed out should be done before you even start planning for the wedding itself.

How much is the venue going to cost for a booking? Will there be any hotels nearby where the guests can stay comfortably? What’s the venue going to be like in terms of the weather during your chosen date?

You Don’t Have a Budget

Take your time and don’t rush into the wedding if you don’t have the budget required to make your dream wedding come to fruition. There are a lot of things involved in ensuring the success of a wedding. One of these: catering in Fairfax.

Depending on where the wedding is going to be and who you choose as your caterer, you may have to allot of your funds into catering. They’re going to handle most of the elements in your wedding including the food, staff, and even the tableware that your guests will use.

You Want the Legal Benefits

Officially getting married is a surreal experience that comes with its own actual benefits on the legal side. You are entitled to many things as a married couple. If this is something that you are interested in, you should definitely start planning for your wedding.

As a married couple, buying a house or even a vehicle may be more comfortable thanks to the different options that are provided only for married couples. As newlyweds, you may even be entitled to some promotional offers to shops and other businesses that are offering services.

If you need catering in Fairfax for a wedding, a corporate event, or a special party you’re hosting, our team at Saint Germain Catering is here to help you. Contact us today!


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Just Got Engaged? How Soon Should You Plan Your Wedding

Whether you’re the one who proposed or you were just proposed to ...

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